Selective laser soldering system for small wires and pads debuts

Selective laser soldering is able to solder wires with diameters 30 AWG) or pads with similar dimensions (

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The ongoing trend to miniaturization of electronic circuits leads to smaller soldering pads, thinner wires, and cables, thus increasing difficulties for the soldering operation. Nanosystec (Fremont, CA), which designs and builds high-precision assembly stations, has introduced its NanoPlace selective laser soldering system to address this challenge.

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Selective laser soldering is able to solder wires with diameters <250 µm (>30 AWG) or pads with similar dimensions (<10 mil). The laser beam heats only the small processing area, while all surrounding components and circuits are not affected. The NanoPlace machine's motion system picks and moves the wires accurately to the corresponding pad, while its machine vision cameras detect the position for active control and documentation.

Dispensers apply a precise volume of solder paste exactly into the area. Now, the laser power melts the solder and a stable connection is formed. The temperature profile of the laser energy over time works with ramps to achieve the best melting and cooling-down characteristics. It also can process pretinned pads and wires, making the dispensing step unnecessary. Its automated operation takes over for applications where manual operation or other selective methods are limited. The station integrates seamlessly into production lines.

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