TRUMPF forms sales partnership with SPI Lasers for North American markets

SPI Lasers will provide TRUMPF's customers with laser material processing solutions across select North American market segments.

TRUMPF (Farmington, CT) has established a new limited sales partnership with SPI Lasers (Southampton, England) to provide TRUMPF's customers with laser material processing solutions across select North American market segments. TRUMPF will offer the most strategically complementary SPI Lasers products directly through their North American OEM sales group.

The partnership will provide TRUMPF's customers with enhanced capabilities via SPI Lasers' fiber laser products, which offer optimized laser material processing solutions at higher single-mode powers than TRUMPF's TruFiber laser, and unique pulse energies and lengths compared to its TruPulse and TruMicro lasers.

The SPI Lasers products that will be available through the TRUMPF North American sales group include the redENERGY pulsed and redPOWER QUBE CW fiber lasers for high-speed remote processing. The partnership enables access to a variety of select markets, including automotive, e-mobility, battery, and consumer electronics.

This partnership provides TRUMPF's fully owned SPI Lasers group with a mature sales network in the North American market. SPI Lasers has been a part of the TRUMPF Group since October 2008 and is operated as a commercially distinct brand. Existing customers of SPI Lasers that compete with TRUMPF at the machine solution level will continue to work exclusively with SPI Lasers.

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