Laser welding certification

July 27--The University of Wisconsin--Madison announces the development of the Laser Welding Certification Program.

July 27--The University of Wisconsin--Madison, Department of Engineering Professional Development has announced the development of the Laser Welding Certification Program. The laser welding certificates distinguish individuals who have received formal training and satisfactorily completed a written examination covering laser welding equipment, process procedures, and validation. The knowledge and experience demonstrated through the completion of the certification requirements are critical for success in implementing the laser welding process.

A primary objective of the program was to establish a rigorous, independently evaluated level of accomplishment, so that any individual who receives a University of Wisconsin-Madison certification will be capable of the following: writing equipment and process procedures; writing technical data sheets; performing calculations and diagnostics to confirm correct operation of the equipment and the correct performance of the laser process; and validating the laser and process per ISO, FDA, and/or AWS standards/guidelines.

Certificate options include LWP--accredited laser welding professional and LWTSP--accredited laser welding process technical support provider.

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