Micrometric has fiber laser under sub-contract

January 18--Supplied by SPI Lasers UK Ltd, the 100W fiber laser will give Micrometric a finer, more precise laser that can be used in a number of welding and cutting configurations

January 18--Micrometric, a UK laser cutting, welding, and marking specialist, has invested in the first sub-contract fiber laser in the UK, a move which the company believes will give it an increased competitive edge, particularly in the welding and cutting of small precision components.

The 100W fiber laser, supplied by SPI Lasers UK Limited, gives Micrometric a finer, more precise laser that can be used in a number of wedling and cutting configurations at the company's advanced laser facility in London.

"It is the first fiber laser under sub-contract in the UK and opens up considerable new market opportunities for us in precision laser welding and cutting, particularly in the production of high-quality fine parts where stringent quality requirements are demanded by sectors such as medical, scientific, instrumentation, electronics, controls, avionics, and ink jet printing," said David English, Micrometric operations manager.

"Precision welded parts in these sectors can require very high quality but relatively low penetration welds, typically processing 300 series stainless steel or Nickel alloys with thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm. Materials can be in flat and tubular form. We can now produce fast, high-quality fine welds from 50 micrometers thick without the distortion associated with most other weld processes," said English.

For more information, visit www.micrometric.uk.com.

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