PRIMA Industrie-Laserdyne Systems introduces LASERDYNE 430 laser system at aerospace workshop

PRIMA North America Inc., Champlin, Minn., introduced and demonstrated the LASERDYNE 430 multi-axis laser system at the PRIMA AERODAYS aerospace workshop.


PRIMA North America Inc., Champlin, Minn., introduced and demonstrated the new LASERDYNE 430 multi-axis laser system at PRIMA AERODAYS. The two-day aerospace workshop was dedicated to the presentation and demonstration of the newest material processing laser applications used in the manufacturing of aircraft and aerospace / land-based turbine components.

With over 75 international participants, including leading European aerospace manufacturers and laser experts, AERODAYS featured presentations and demonstrations of the new multi-axis laser technology, including introduction of the updated LASERDYNE 430.

The LASERDYNE 430 is a 3-axis system designed for precision cutting, welding, and drilling 2- and 3-dimensional components. The 430 system is currently available with a 4th rotary/circular axis option, and a 5th tilt axis will be available in 2011.

The LASERDYNE 430 operates at speeds up to 800 inch/min in the X, Y, Z axis (0-20 m/min) with bidirectional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 µm). This accuracy is throughout the system’s 600 x 400 x 500 mm work envelope, making it good for processing a broad range of components, such as precision drilled fuel filters, electronic assemblies, and transition components.

"The LASERDYNE 430 is delivered as a turnkey system with a choice of industrial Nd:YAG, CO2 and fiber lasers," reports Terry L. VanderWert, president of PRIMA North America and a presenter at PRIMA AERODAYS.

All of LASERDYNE’s lasers including the LASERDYNE 430 are designed, built and tested to ASME B 5 5.54 and ISO 230 standards.

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