First tailor welded blanks system set up in India

June 19--Rasandik Engineering Industries' has set up a Nd:YAG laser, semi-automatic welding system, which has an installed capacity of one million meters of laser welding.

June 19--Rasandik Engineering Industries has set up the very first tailor welded blanks system in India. Tailor welded blanks offer an opportunity to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease vehicle weight. A tailor welded blank is manufactured by welding together two or more sheets of metal of different thicknesses, material grades, or coatings to produce a single blank, which is subsequently formed or stamped.

The system is a state-of-the-art Nd:YAG laser, semi-automatic welding system.

The company already has received an order for the supply of tailor welded blanks for Swift, the first car in India to be using tailor welded blanks for inner door panels. In India, the use of tailor welded blanks is in its nascent stage, with Swift staring the use of four tailor welded blanks.

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