IPG Photonics opens Detroit sales and service office

August 18--Michael Klos has been appointed Midwest operations manager at IPG's new sales and service office in the Detroit area.

August 18--IPG Photonics announced the opening of a new sales and service office in the Detroit area along with the appointment of Michael Klos, an experienced industry veteran, as the Midwest operations manager.

"We opened this new facility to strengthen support of our existing and potential customers in the Midwest, and to provide them with an experienced individual with a background who can bring value to their applications," states IPG's Director of Industrial Sales, Bill Shiner. He added, "IPG Photonics has an extensive offering of industrial fiber lasers that are attractive to manufacturers and integrators due to the fiber laser's high-quality beam, low electrical consumption, minimal maintenance, and small footprint."

Michael Klos has 27 years of experience in laser and application technology. He combines this with an extensive background in all aspects of beam delivery, including cutting and welding heads, auto-focus systems, seam tracking, fiber delivery, and beam analysis.

The new sales and service facility is located at 28221 Beck Road in Wixon, MI; tel. 248-863-5001; fax 248-863-5003. Klos can be reached at 248-660-5131 (mobile) or at mklos@ipgphotonics.com.

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