ALAC dedicated to laser users

August 15--ALAC 2006 emphasizes lasers as practical and economically viable tools for industrial manufacturing

August 15--The Advanced Laser Applications Conference (ALAC) is just that, a conference directed at those whose responsibilities require some knowledge of industrial lasers and their applications. Proof of this is in the Technical Sessions where among more than 80 papers are several outstanding ones that satisfy the conference's intent. For example an overview of fiber laser technology and applications matched with a paper on advances and applications for disk laser. In just these two papers attendees will be able to measure these competing technologies against each other.

In another session laser shot peening, a process undergoing a renaissance, and short pulse laser machining, another latent application that has found renewed interests, are paired.

As a job shopper you can find out the advantages of laser cutting versus punch presses and whether you should be considering offering laser welding services. And two full sessions on laser applications in medical device manufacturing will be pertinent to those working in that industry sector.

ALAC also offers tutorials on basic industrial laser technology for those new to the process. And a concurrent exhibition allows attendees to interact with the suppliers of the goods and services that support the technology.

This year's ALAC is being held September 18-21 in Novi, Michigan. It's not too late to sign up to attend this well structured conference. Check it out at

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