Sliver of light XI: Auto maker chooses disk laser for welding and brazing

Eleven TruDisk lasers from TRUMPF's new laser generation will be installed in PSA Peugeot Citroen factories

Eleven TruDisk lasers from TRUMPF's new laser generation will be installed in PSA Peugeot Citroen factories. The French automotive manufacturer will use the 4-kilowatt lasers to weld doors as well as perform laser brazing. "We were interested in the strong evolution the new TruDisk generation has undergone. It led to an improvement of both, investment and operating cost. The laser has evolved positively towards a shared target of cost efficiency," emphasized Boubakar Sehili, responsible for laser applications at PSA, who also pointed out the high availability of the laser in production. "The enhanced integration through the TRUMPF LaserNetwork allows us to build a process of the highest availability. Besides, the strong experience acquired over the year with TRUMPF systems helped with performing a standardized integration."

Another reason for ordering the disk lasers was the excellent experience with TRUMPF Customer Service. "The TRUMPF customer service has been proven very useful and efficient over the years. Its expertise has been effective from early phases such as installation and startup of the system to the series production. Reactivity for maintenance, in France and abroad, has helped keep our production tool to its best potential. This has been true since the beginning of our cooperation," added Patrice Auger, responsible for innovative processes and research and development.

The lasers from the new TruDisk generation have all the well-known benefits of the current series. Particularly notable are: the modular design, the uncritical output density, the process reliability, and the reproducible beam quality. Additional advantages of the new TruDisk generation are noticeably lower investment and operating costs, a more compact and therefore space-saving design and diodes with a longer service life due to passive cooling.

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