3 kW fiber laser

JK Lasers' new 3 kW JK3000FL is aimed at processing thicker section metals, and expanding the company's range into new applications including remote laser welding.

JK Lasers' 3 kW JK3000FL
JK Lasers' 3 kW JK3000FL

JK Lasers, Rugby, UK, has expanded its kilowatt-range fiber lasers with a new 3 kW model, aimed at processing thicker section metals at faster speeds and to higher standards.

The JK3000FL features a consistent focused spot size and beam profile over the complete power range. Detachable "plug in, pre-aligned" (PIPA) beam delivery fibers (core diameters from 100μm) provide maximum versatility when processing difficult to access areas. The system is up to 10× more energy-efficient than similar-power Nd:YAG lasers; it is also highly reliable with 300,000-hour mean time to failure (MTTF) of the individual laser pump sources. Other features include fast modulation, pulse shaping and JK Lasers' patented back reflection protection which protects the laser from damaging reflected light when processing highly reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, and gold. The system can also be fitted with the company’s own range of process tools for optimal performance. An optional timeshare unit can rapidly connect up to four separate workstations.

The JK3000FL system opens up new applications for JK Lasers, most notably remote laser welding typically used in high-volume automotive assemblies. This application conventionally has been dominated by CO2 lasers with higher-brightness laser source and a scan head to project the focused spot over a few meters.

Fiber lasers are making inroads into this application, though. At this fall's Fabtech show in Las Vegas, IPG showed off a laser clamping/welding system to replace resistance spot welds (power up to 4 kW, fixed focal length 250-300 mm), capable of making up to a 40 mm long laser wobble seam.

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