Everything an industrial laser can do

Laser application presentations will highlight LASYS 2012.

Stuttgart, Germany - At this year’s LASYS 2012, the international trade fair for laser material processing, visitors will have the opportunity to obtain information on laser technologies and applications in a complimentary specialist forum. Lasers in Action brings together experts from the laser industry on all three event days from June 12 – 14 and offers a comprehensive and diverse program of case studies and applications and an overview of the different laser technologies.

In more than 25 presentations, Company representatives will present a broad range of examples of laser material processing. For example, the advantages of using high-performing femtosecond lasers for industrial microprocessing and mobile high-performing laser processing for large workpieces will be explained. Also examined are the topics of laser microwelding of polymers O2 lasers. Those looking for a solution for glass processing can obtain information in a presentation on cutting display glass using picosecond lasers. And for users requiring a marking solution, the presentation on laser marking in North-American medical technology will be forward-looking.

The third day focuses on laser technology in the automotive industry. Applications will be presented on automotive technology and new perspectives for the design of lightweight vehicles using defined welding depths and connection widths of steel-aluminum composites welded in different ways using laser.

The event is free of charge and organized by Europa Science with the trade journal Laser Systems Europe together with support from the Laser Institute of America and Messe Stuttgart.

LASYS 2012 will take place at the Stuttgart trade fair grounds. Approximately 200 exhibitors are expected. Innovations and further developments in laser technology; in particular machines, processes and services, including laser-specific machine subsystems, will be shown. LASYS appeals specifically to users and providers of laser material processing and is aimed at all industries and suitable for all types of material and is thus unique in the trade fair landscape.

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