Diode lasers for plastic and metal welding

Trumpf Inc. has released the TruDiode 151 and TruDiode 301 diode lasers for plastic or thin gauge metal welding.

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Farmington, CT - Trumpf Inc. has introduced the next generation of TruDiode lasers complete with the latest developments in diode module technology. The TruDiode 151 and TruDiode 301 are more powerful and efficient yet smaller than previous TruDiode lasers, and are usefulfor plastic or thin gauge metal welding.

The two newest additions to TRUMPF’s diode laser product line are the TruDiode 151, a 150 W fiber-coupled laser and the TruDiode 301, which supplies 300 W of laser power to the work piece. Wavelength range is between 920 – 970nm with CW or modulated CW up to 3kHz. Both lasers feature a 150-micron core diameter TRUMPF LLK but are available with LLK core diameters of up to 600 micron. The two output external beam switch with a single safety circuit is also an option. In addition, customers may choose between a 19 inch rack mount laser unit or 19 inch rack cabinet with central power distribution and self contained chiller.

TruDiode lasers are produced with the integrated TruControl 1000 which offers a simple, yet extensive operator interface to control power levels, pulse shapes, PFO, the dual channel E-stop circuit and more. TruControl also supports standard interfaces such as parallel I/O, DeviceNet, Profitbus and others.

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