Dana Holding invests in laser welding

The automotive supplier's new laser welding system will reduce weight and complexity of axles.

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Maumee, OH - The Dana Holding Corporation has received a research and development (R&D) loan from the Ohio State Controlling Board to invest in machinery to increase manufacturing efficiency. This acquisition will allow Dana to conduct research and development activities associated with welding dissimilar metals together that otherwise could not be welded through commercially available equipment. Dana is investing in a laser welding system that will reduce the weight and complexity of axles.

Dana, an automotive supplier of axles, drive shafts, off-highway transmissions, sealing, and thermal-management products, has a goal of improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and lowering the cost of ownership in passenger, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.

The laser welding system should contribute to reduction of weight and axle complexity and aid the assembly process. Use of this system will eliminate the bolts that attach the ring gear to the axle because the laser will join the two metal parts together, reducing space and weight, leading to a higher efficiency and a decrease in emissions.

Dana’s entire R&D takes place in its Maumee corporate facilities, where the new machinery will be located. In the past, the company used a laser welding system for various parts of the subframe for the Corvette.


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