One billion laser welded plastic auto parts

Alfmeier Prazision recently welded together its one billionth component using laser systems from LPKF Laser & Electronics.

Float component.
Float component.

Treuchtlingen, Germany - Alfmeier Prazision AG recently welded together its one billionth component using laser systems from LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Garbsen, Germany, a manufacturer of machines and laser systems used in electronics fabrication and medical technology.

An international, owner-managed family firm founded in 1960, Alfmeier specializes in sophisticated fluid technology solutions and mechatronic plastic components from micro to large. The company has been using laser welding solutions to produce plastic components since 2003.

Alfmeier’s C-Car production line alone produces around 9 million float components for aeration and ventilation valves in the field of fuel management every year. This line was joined four years ago by a line producing butterfly valves for the adjustment of car seats, as well as a wide range of other components.

Alfmeier’s milestone of 1 billion components welded with LPKF tools was passed in April 2013 with a float component. This number was recorded because, for the past 10 years, all of LPKF’s laser welding machines have been fitted with a tracking and tracing system that provides reliable information on the numbers of produced components. These production figures have been collected from clients over the years as part of the servicing work.

The tracking and tracing system is now a standard part of almost all LPKF laser welding systems. The earlier systems did not have a built-in parts-counting function. If the parts produced on these earlier machines are also taken into consideration, the total number of parts welded on LPKF systems is around 5 billion!

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