Hybrid laser welding of rail coaches

Italian manufacturer Tube Tech Machinery has signed a contract with the Czech Republic's Bombardier Transportation for a railway coach production plant.

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Cazzago San Martino, Italy - Manufacturer and systems integrator Tube Tech Machinery srl (TTM) has signed a contract with Bombardier Transportation of Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic (BTCZ) for a railway coach production plant based on laser welding technology. TTM has been active in the introduction of laser welding to rail coaches.

TTM's offerings include an automatic warehouse, handling equipment, laser cell, inspection devices, and automation of the plant. The production process will be completely integrated by 3D design. Starting from prefinished parts, the plant will be used for the complete assembly of sidewalls, underframes, roofs, and long beams.

The laser technology includes a laser with a cold wire feed and a laser hybrid, both integrated with an online joint following system.

The new plant represents an important investment for BTCZ with the goal of having state-of-the-art laser welding technology applied to the railways industry.

A complete description of this plant will appear in a subsequent issue of Industrial Laser Solutions.

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