Laser hybrid welding system at German trade fair

Reis Robotics will show its latest laser welding system at the International Trade Fair for Joining, Cutting, and Surfacing this week.

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Essen, Germany - Reis Robotics will show its latest laser welding system that specializes in welding hybrid materials at Schweißen und Schneiden, the International Trade Fair for Joining, Cutting, and Surfacing, that takes place here this week from Sept. 16 to 21.

The trade fair usually features installations and equipment for the joining, cutting and surfacing of metallic and non-metallic materials and material compounds.

"Laser hybrid welding (LHW) is only one of many exciting material processing applications available to the industry right now through knowledgeable laser automation technique specialists," said Norbert Hoeppe and Gard Van Antwerp of Reis Robotics in their recent article in Industrial Laser Solutions. "LHW can provide very low distortion along with high welding speeds and great mechanical properties. Automation of LHW can be enhanced by high accuracy large-scale gantry kinematics, integrated beam guidance, offline programming, and much more, to bring manufacturing to state-of-the-art levels."

This article is "Laser hybrid welding: Powerful factory floor process."

At the trade fair, Reis Robotics' multi-process automation system will be at the company's booth. It consists of inert gas welding, including seam search and tracking by laser camera, and weld seam control with an optical system. The system features single package glue application and shows resistance welding of a structural part in the automotive field. Reis robots can interact with ABB robots. The servo spot welding tongs were made by Centerline. Different robot brands can interact together with one control for all integrated systems.

Reis Robotics will be in Hall 2, booth B101.

Reis also contributes to the development of LHW by performing in-house trials for all applications and has expanded its laser laboratory in response with a a new laser robot RV60-6-FT with integrated beam guidance for laser power up to 20 kW. In combination with the hybrid welding optics MWO54-Hybrid and a new 8kW laser, this equipment can help perform customer trials.

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