See the latest in beam scanners at LME

Scanlab Amerca will introduce new scan solutions for industrial laser material processing apps.

St. Charles, IL - At this year’s Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), taking place September11-12, 2013 at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL, Scanlab America will be featuring its newest scan solutions for industrial laser material processing applications.

Scanlab America will introduce the: SCANcube III, hurrySCAN III,and intelliSCAN III, which have high accuracy and dynamic performance. Also shown will be the intelliSCANse10 scan head, with only 10 mm aperture and high-end, high-resolution digital encoder scanners. This scan head is a good solution in applications where low dither, low drift, and very high dynamic performance are a must. The company will also demonstrate the intelliWELD scan head for robotic remote welding applications when combined with the powerful Blackbird Robot Sync Unit.

Attending the Lasers for Manufacturing Event is an opportunity for those new to beam scanning technology to meet in person and to discuss the latest innovations in galvanometer-based scanning technology. This is the main purpose for LME: bringing together industrial laser equipment suppliers with end users in a "laser-only" exhibition.

For more details, go to and enter the promotional code SCANLAB for free admission to LME (a $50 value) as well as free admission to many of the valuable educational courses at LME.

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