Diode laser for welding

Laserline GmbH is exhibiting the LDF 4500-30 diode laser for welding applications.

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Mulheim-Karlich, Germany - One of the new products that Laserline GmbH will be exhibiting during the 2013 trade show season is the LDF 4500-30 diode laser for laser welding applications.

With the achievement of a beam quality of 30 mm mrad in a diode laser with 4 kW of power, the use of this technology in car body welding and other applications began in 2011 and since then former laser technologies in such applications are getting replaced.

Thus, an increase in power to 4.5 kW is now the consequently taken step to position the diode laser for even more laser welding applications using a 600 µm fiber. The proven technology is retained, and the new power limit is achieved using a higher power per diode bar.

In the automobile industry, the fact that lasers with the same 600 µm fibers are used for welding as for brazing is especially advantageous. The user can simply use a different numeric aperture, and the maintenance department of the plant requires only one type of fibers as a potential spare part. The high effectiveness, small footprint, and mobility of the device meets the requirements of industry with 24/7 utilization times.

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