Fiber laser welding offers superior-quality sheet metal components

Sheet metal fabricator FORM2000 has invested in an automated fiber laser welding system with a six-axis industrial robot.

Custom sheet metal fabricator FORM2000 (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) serves the Australian market as an OEM supplier of sheet metal products and components to other manufacturers. The company does not manufacture products for sale to end-user markets, but rather supports manufacturing businesses by providing the sheet metal component or product they then incorporate into their product line or final manufactured product.

Key to the company is its ability to cost-effectively fit into its customers' supply chains, as it has made a considerable investment in factory automation to drive down cost and improve fabrication speed and consistency. Among the many automated fabrication machines in the company's facility are an Amada FOL3015AJ fiber laser cutter and an Amada LC 2415 Alpha IVNT laser cutter, both with cycle loaders.

Fiber laser welding is able to produce superior-quality sheet metal components in a range of welding units of varying capacity to handle materials as low as 0.45mm, and up to 12.7mm plate. To that end, the company has invested in an automated Amada FLW 4000 M3 fiber laser welder that features a six-axis high-speed industrial robot system, and offers automated robotic welding at high speeds and with good efficiency. The system enables welding of a wider range of materials in different gauge thicknesses than previously possible using standard welding equipment.

The company's customers look for an OEM to create a wide range of custom sheet metal products through advanced fabrication and automation. They enjoy the benefit of fiber laser cutting including efficiency in speed and precision, design flexibility, and delivery of a cost-effective product that offers considerable benefits in the development of a prototype product prior to design signoff, avoiding expensive tooling costs.

By outsourcing all facets of sheet metal manufacturing (including fiber laser cutting) to the company's factory enables customers to obtain superior quality sheet metal components at a reduced cost and with fast turnaround to meet production scheduling requirements.

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