Finnish university adds advanced laser hybrid welding system

The Savonia University of Applied Sciences has invested in laser welding innovations.

Loimia, Finland - The Savonia University of Applied Sciences has invested in laser welding innovations and in a Pemamek laser hybrid welding station, purchased as part of an investment plan for laser welding from the European Regional Development Fund.

The bidding project defined limiting values for welding seams and grooves, welding material and materials to be cut, as well as for welding thicknesses and maximum measures for work pieces. The university purchased the PEMA laser welding station because it fulfilled the technical requirements and is the most economical solution.

The station includes a PEMA head and tailstock, 1-axis gantry on rails, PEMA cell controls, a Precitec Scantracker, a Yaskawa Motoman welding robot, a protective cover, and fume extraction.

The university aims to lower the step of various companies to utilize new high-quality and effective welding methods. There are already four mid-size companies joining the research project. The target is to study, for example, differences in welding seams of cold temperature machinery, in cases when seams have been welded by arc welding. The seam quality will be studied from the R&D and production point of view, and will consider the characteristics of end products. The project, which started in summer 2015, will continue until the end of 2016. A final report on the study materials used—constructional steel, high-strength steel, and aluminum—will be issued by the university.

The welding laboratory, with its modern equipment and professional staff, can perform weldability studies, welding tests, and development planning of complex work pieces. The university, together with companies, defines cost structure of welding and estimates what kind of development actions need to be taken.

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