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High-speed cutter

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The LVPLUS from Mitsubishi Laser (Wood Dale, IL; is constructed in a heavy-duty one-piece machine design. A solid Dianite casting delivers stability with machine tool, resonator, and power supply incorporated onto a single platform. The company’s Diamond Path technology maintains consistent beam quality by using a constant beam length system. It provides cutting stability at speeds up to 1150 inches per minute across all processing areas. The system’s advanced processing head has multiple features that enable high-speed cutting on a broad range of materials. MELS EYE, Intelligent Process Monitoring System has auto focusing and other detection features to ensure superior cut quality. Burn detection tracks each cut and when no longer sustained LVPLUS automatically restarts. Pierce detection increases productivity by eliminating the buffer in conventional oxygen piercing. Plasma detection minimizes scrap in high production runs by tracking plasma and adjusting the machine’s speed as necessary. The system is completely modular and allows for 24/7 unattended processing.

Laser duo

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New from Time-Bandwidth Products (Zurich, Switzerland; the Duetto laser head contains a fully integrated, passively modelocked seed laser (based on the OEM Lynx laser) and a diode-pumped amplifier. Reportedly the stability and reliability of the seed laser enabled by the company’s SESAM technology and the proprietary amplifier results in clean, high-energy picosecond pulses with excellent beam properties. Applications include high-repetition-rate materials processing, micromachining, UV generation, and OPO pumping. The company also offers Fortis, a mode-locked, thin-disk laser featuring 1 µJ per pulse with 50 W output power.

Material handling system

Cincinnati Incorporated (Cincinnati, OH; automates laser processing for shops of all sizes with new modular, sized-to-fit systems to enable hands-off conversion of raw sheet into cut parts. According to the company, the MMHS systems optimize material flow and laser burn time, while enabling long periods of unattended operation. Four base systems and an extensive choice of options provide system flexibility to suit individual shop requirements. For example, systems can be configured from basic automated load/unload of a single laser to full automation of high-volume production utilizing material storage towers to serve multiple lasers running complex mixes of parts and materials.

Compact excimer laser

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An integrated gas supply will set the Xantos S apart from its competition, according to its manufacturer TuiLaser AG (Gemering, Germany; This integration reduces planning, investment, and running costs and increases the ease of use and contributes to operational safety. The laser uses the company’s corona pre-ionization and the latest generation of solid-state compression switches to generate a homogeneous pumping discharge. Different versions are available that vary in maximum repetition rate (200 Hz or 500 Hz) and wavelength (193 nm or 248 nm). The laser reaches a maximum energy up to 18 mJ at 248 nm.

Marking system

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Intended for the tough demands of PCB marking, the SOL850 from Nortek Automation (Huntington Beach, CA; marks compact, machine-readable code directly on the circuit board, thus eliminating recurring consumables cost of labels and ink solutions. Features include a maintenance-free, long-life sealed laser, automatic conveyor width adjustment, multiple marks per panel or board, mark verification, and simplified operator interface and programming. According to the company, the system features the smallest machine footprint available for de-stacking, marking, and re-stacking circuit boards.

Welding workstation

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The Delta Series laser welding workstations from Unitek Miyachi (Monrovia, CA; provide a flexible, low-cost, lean-manufacturing-ready Class I environment for precision laser spot and seam welding. They come equipped with the company’s A-Series pulsed Nd:YAG laser welders, Class I CDRH-compliant enclosure with safety viewing window, fume extraction ports, vibration-isolation footings, and a control panel that meets the user’s welding specifications. Optional accessories include up to four axes of CNC motion control, heavy-duty floor-standing base, CCTV viewing system with crosshair generator, cover gas module, pneumatic access door, interior lighting, and tooling.

CO2 laser nozzles

Flowmaster CO2 laser nozzles from Mate Laser Technologies (Anoka, MN; provide control of cutting gas flow for improved CO2 laser cut quality. Reportedly, the nozzles are manufactured to high tolerances for consistent performance and uniform cutting. Their high-quality copper alloy design resists build-up and abrasion. Internal surfaces are micro-finished for improved airflow using a proprietary finishing process that provides reduced gas turbulence and consistent cut quality. Offered are one- and two-piece copper nozzles in single and multiple shield orifice configurations. Orifice sizes from 0.031 inch to 0.157 inch are available.

Full-sheet cutter

MultiCam’s (Dallas, TX; 2000 series laser machine is a versatile platform for full sheet cutting. The machine is available with 100W, 200W, or 400W lasers. The fully enclosed system also has the advantage of easy part loading and unloading via the retractable top. The flying optic system is fully collimated for uniform beam quality in the near and far field. The system can raster engrave as well as cut out materials. Standard features include integrated material database, cartridge-type focus lens, user-friendly MultiCam controller, fully programmable retract between parts, precision dual x-axis drives, and more.

Fine cutting

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For precision 2D and 3D cutting, DMG America Inc. (Schaumburg, IL; offers the Lasertec 80 FineCutting, which features machine precision of 0.00039 in., high positioning speeds up to 4,724.4 ipm, and accelerations up to 1.5 g. Reportedly, an Nd:YAG solid-state laser can be integrated just as easily as a CO2 laser. At any point the laser type and power can be configured to the respective requirements placed in each case. For all applications, the laser is manipulated directly with a Siemens 840D powerline controller, accessed from a stainless-steel operator console with a 17-in. TFT screen. The modular machine concept with three, four, or five CNC axes makes the system appropriate for applications in 2D and 3D cutting as well as drilling and welding.

Air cleaner

The Aztech T Series industrial air cleaners manufactured by Industrial Maid LLC (Lincoln, NE; are available in 3000, 3500, 4500, 6000, and 7500 cfm models. The units are designed using a powder-coated steel sub-frame and the outer shell is made of a recycled polyethylene “black matte” finished plastic. The units are modular and can be configured in single-, dual-, triple-, or quad-cabinet configurations reportedly offering more filter media per cfm, lower air-to-cloth ratios, and a longer filter life.

Processing head

Specially developed for robot applications, the compact processing head Y 30/22 from Precitec Inc. (New Hudson, MI; offers a solution for distance-controlled 3D cuts with Nd:YAG lasers. The system consists of an integral drive for gap-regulation and a cutting head with integral sensors, including collimator with fiber connection. The cutting head was fitted with internal sensors to raise the degree of automation. These sensors monitor the cutting gas and linear drive ventilation, the linear drive housing temperature, and leakage from the water cycle.

Diode lasers

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Packaged on an industry-recognized C-mount package, the line of high-brightness, single-emitter diode lasers from nLight (Vancouver, WA; are available in operating wavelengths from 635 nm to 1600 nm and output powers from 0.5W to 5W, CW. The lasers reportedly are appropriate for pumping diode-pumped solid-state lasers, materials processing, and other applications.

Cutting systems

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Two new cutting systems have been announced by Prima Laser Tools (Chicopee, MA). The Rapido 3D laser cutting system features Focal Position Control (FPC), which automatically manages the laser’s focal position according to the specific application and controls the head position throughout the entire production process. Its split-cabin, sliding pallet design enables the system to continuously cut parts without any idle time during the unloading/reloading process. The new Domino HS 1530 multiaxis, 2D/3D high-speed laser system features a combined X-Y-Z axes speed of 5900 in./min. Its direct-drive cutting/welding heads offer high precision and dynamics and require low maintenance. This systems’ working capacity is 120 x 60 x 16 inches. The laser head does two rotations: A axis, 360 degrees continuous, and B axis, +/-135 degrees.

Polycarbonate filter

Laservision GmbH (Bamberg, Germany; offers a new polycarbonate filter that is suitable for high-power diode lasers as well as for Nd:YAG lasers tested from 770 nm to 1100 nm with peak protection level IR 980 to 1065 nm L7. The filter color is light green. According to the company, despite its green color the user is able to recognize the whole spectrum of colors through the filter. Filter P1002 is available in the sporty design Lambda-One frame style as well as in the over-the-glass model Skyline.

Flying optics laser

A new generation flying optics laser from Finn-Power International Inc. (Schaumburg, IL;, the L6 features a 4kW fast axial flow CO2 laser and linear drive motor technology and will process sheet sizes up to 61 x 121 inches and up to 0.78 inch thickness. According to the company, performance values include positioning speed of 11,811 inches/min, acceleration over 2g, and cutting speeds up to 2362 inches/min. The system optimizes the cutting head movement with Ping Pong repositioning.

F-Theta lenses

CVI Laser, LLC (Albuquerque, NM; is adding a series of F-Theta lenses to its optical component product offering for the industrial materials processing market. F-Theta lenses are used to collimate the output of a scanning mirror system. These systems are used in laser marking, welding, and cutting applications.

Scan head

The XLR8 2-axis scan head features Nutfield Technology Inc.’s (Windham, NH; fastest and most accurate QuantumScan-7 galvanometers with exclusive ceramic rotor technology. The scan head is designed to ease integration and manufacturing issues by reducing the need for specialized tooling and highly skilled assemblers. XLR8 scan heads can be configured for different mirror apertures, scan angles, and wavelengths. They are available with digital and analog electrical interface options. Applications include marking, engraving, cutting, and many other uses.

Angular measuring and alignment kit

With an angular measuring sensitivity of better than 1 arc-second (0.0003 degrees), the system from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA; is intended for aligning precision mounts and fixtures, antenna arrays, molding machine platens, press faces, and other assemblies. Furthermore, precsion angles can be measured and checked over surfaces that are up to 40 feet in length. The system is perfect for surface profiling and checking granite plates. According to the company, this angle measuring and alignment system is compact and easy to use in all industrial environments.

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