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compiled by Laureen Belleville,

Sealed-off CO2 laser

Th 0510ils Product01
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The sealed-off StarShape 600 C laser from Rofin (Starnberg, Germany; needs no external gas supply, which minimizes operating and service costs. Equipped with a CO2 laser and up to two scanner heads, the new product can attain cutting speeds of up to 20 m/s. Non-metal materials like polymers, wood, glass, paper, or paper board with material thicknesses of up to 1 to 3 mm can be processed rapidly and without any problems. The galvanometer deflection system can be equipped with lenses with focal lengths of 100 to 300 mm with processing fields of max. 210 mm x 210 mm. Programming is done using LaserCAD software. Reportedly, contours and beam parameters can be defined easily and most complex on-the-fly applications can be realized in short processing times with excellent quality (optional software upgrade). The product is offered as a standard module for machine integration, optimized for specific requirements, or as a standalone workstation.

Mid-power lasers

The JK-300HP, JK300P, and JK125P mid-power, pulsed Nd:YAG lasers from GSI Group Laser Division (Novi, MI; are designed for high-precision welding and fine cutting applications. The JK-HP product range features twin-lamp oscillator design for enhanced peak power and pulse energy. The JK-P series, ranging from 125 to 300 watts average power, has single-lamp design. Features include LaserView control technology for cycle programming triggered by a single command; Luminator fiber-optic beam delivery system; pulse shaping for tighter process control; and fully integrated time and energy shares for faster switching.

Plastics welding

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Diode laser systems from Laserline GmbH (Mulheim-Karlich, Germany; combine easy operation and handling with high efficiency. Features include laser power up to 800 W, almost free choice of focal lengths and geometries, and a variety of additional options. Standardized interfaces, such as tap-water connectors for external cooling circuit, 120 to 240 V voltage supply, a defined signal interface for switching on/off, and a socket for the fiberoptics, ensure a plug-and-play integration of the 19-inch systems.


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The QuantumScan-10 (QS-10) from Nutfield Technology (Windham, NH; utilizes increased strength magnets that allow for reduced package size. According to the company, when combined with low resistance/low inductance coils, the product provides a 40 percent increase in scanning speed with optimized thermal characteristics. A high output position detector generates three times the output signal for high signal-to-noise ratio and high accuracy. Ceramic output shafts provide lower inertia and higher stiffness than steel for increased bandwidth and speed.

Direct laser ablation

Exitech Inc. (Foster City, CA; has demonstrated a direct laser ablation process for creating lenslets that are approximately 10x smaller than the lens in the common housefly. The lenslets measure about three microns in diameter. The PPM-601E system utilizes a high-power excimer laser plus Synchronized Image Scanning (SIS) technology to produce large-area micro-lens arrays up to 1500 x 1800 mm.


In the article “Remote welding, the talk of Munich” (August ILS, page 5) we incorrectly stated that PrenovaTec GbmH supplies a fiber laser for the Sitec remote laser workstation. The company supplies a disk laser.

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