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Th 98166
Th 98166
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Excimer laser
The Compex FBG from Lambda Physik (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is an excimer laser that is tailored for phase–mask FBG writing. It offers top hat beam profile and high spatial coherence. According to the manufacturer, sophisticated internal energy control allows an outstanding long–term energy constant operation with low pulse–to–pulse fluctuation. An improved resonator geometry offers a high beam pointing stability. A new optics design filters out highly divergent light inside the laser cavity. This results in a low divergent laser beam of high focusability and good spatial coherence of 2.0 mm in short axis and 0.7 mm in long axis. The laser tube is temperature controlled to provide a stable laser energy output from pulse to pulse. The maximum average output power of 15 W and a maximum repetition rate of 100 Hz make this laser a versatile tool for any FBG development work and for low–scale production purposes.CIRCLE NO. 50 OR go to

Welding tool
The Trumpf (Plymouth, MI) Power Weld laser workstation is intended for welding operations in the mold– and tool–making industry. The system can be equipped with different pulsed Nd:YAG lasers in average outputs ranging from 40 to 200 W. The laser beam is guided to the workstation by means of a flexible fiber–optic cable, enabling the laser unit and the workstation to be set up at any location. Designed as a sit–down workstation, the system features a height–adjustable armrest, which moves with the processing optics to ensure a constant distance between the hand and eye position. The air–cushioned working surface ensures precise workpiece positioning and welding. Guide systems and alignment aids are available.
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Green laser
The 5W Millennia all–solid–state, CW green (532nm) laser from Spectra–Physics (Mountain View, CA) is based on a single pump diode. Because the pump diode is the only consumable in an all–solid–state laser, this design directly and significantly reduces the long–term cost of ownership. According to the manufacturer, the ProLite series pump diodes used in the product offers a device lifetime of more than 10,000 hours at the rated power. The power supply also has been re–engineered and the all–solid–state design utilizes a thermoelectric cooler for thermal management of the pump diode.
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CO2 laser
New from Mitsubishi Laser (Wood Dale, IL), the E–class laser features a 2000W resonator, 64–bit NC, PC control center and a high–productivity shuttle table. The rectangular wave, high–peak pulse technology provides stable cutting over the full power range, for a variety of material thickness. The 3020D resonator design reduces gas consumption and maintenance. The standard shuttle table system has a 2000–pound capacity per pallet. The system is fully expandable with automated material handling.
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Laser spot welder
Laservall's (Pawtucket, RI) K series is available in power ranges from 20 W to more than 70 W. Micro processor–controlled software gives the user the ability to optimize laser parameters for each application according to metal or alloy being used. Pulse filling and new pulse modeling capabilities permit control of the quality, strength and physical appearance of welds. The RS–232 port permits remote downloading and manipulation of data. A high level of pulse stability is obtained through an optical feedback system that monitors and adjusts laser emission throughout the life of the flashlamp. Improved engineering has resulted in division of the laser source into five discrete and functional modules that are easily accessible and changeable.
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