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Th 107300

External beamsplitter

Th 107300
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The FS Series external beamsplitter from Unitek Miyachi (Monrovia, CA) is for use with the company's line of pulsed Nd:YAG welding lasers. This device, which splits a single laser output into two or three balanced energy-shared outputs, enables one time-shared laser welder to operate up to six workstations. According to the company, in applications where laser welders are used at very low duty cycles, the product can be used with virtually no impact on cycle time or production rates, while realizing significant capital cost savings. Reportedly, branch-to-branch energy balance is the same as or better than that achieved with internal beamsplitting optics commonly found on pulsed Nd:YAG lasers. Circle No. 50 or

Optical system

Th 107301
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The Zoom 125C from Thales Optem (Rochester, NY) delivers 12.5:1 zoom ratio covering a nominal magnification range of 0.52X through 6.5X, a nominal working distance of 89 mm and a maximum resolution of 300 lp/min in standard configuration. The product's modular design allows application-specific configurations by interchanging Function Modules with a variety of magnification and illumination accessories above and below the zoom. The system comprises three essential components: a TV tube, an upper zoom module and a lower function module.

Welding laser

The real-time power supply offered in the FLS 542C pulsed Nd:YAG laser system from Lasag (Arlington Heights, IL) makes this product appropriate for peak-power controlled, highly reproducible spot and seam welding of metals and other materials with high demands on production throughput, quality and repeatability. The laser system covers a working range of 500 W. It is available with six fiber outputs for energy and/or time sharing with pulse forming and pulse-on-demand capabilities. Other features include a completely sealed power supply with active water cooling, multiple interfaces for easy integration and modem for remote operation and diagnostics.

Laser mirrors

Th 107302
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New from Laser Research Optics (Providence, RI) are CO2 laser mirrors for 25- to 100-W industrial lasers. The mirrors are made from silicon with an average reflectance of greater than 99.5 to 99.7 percent at 10.6 µm and 45-degrees AOI or from molybdenum, which provides 98 percent average reflectance and is more durable for use in applications that require frequent cleaning. Available in 0.5- to 1.5-inch O.D. sizes, in either material, the laser mirrors that are made from silicon can be provided with enhanced silver, copper and DMBR coatings. Phase retardation reflectors with less than 1.5 percent total absorption values are also offered.

Deep UV lasers

The DS Series of deep UV (263/266 nm) diode-pumped, solid-state Q-switched lasers from Photonics Industries International (Bohemia, NY) provide a large range of pulse energies, pulse repetition rates and pulsewidths. The series is available with a choice of Nd:YLF, Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 platforms. Standard models of 1.5 W and 3 W and customized units to 6 W are available. Typical output performance includes pulse-to-pulse instability measured to be less than 1 percent rms.

Right-angle laser attachment

Th 107303
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The 90-Line is a new 90-degree beam bender for alignment applications from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Newburyport, MA). The product takes the laser reference beam from the Laser Microgage and turns it exactly 90 degrees for squaring machinery, checking shaft alignment, adjusting machine tools and other tasks. In addition, the product creates precise parallel lines for checking roller alignment, shafts, tracks and mechanical guides. The exiting laser is square to the incoming beam within 0.0006 degree or equivalent to 0.001 inch over a distance of eight feet. The housing has several adjustments that allow the square exiting beam to rotate through a full plane.

Laser punch

With the Finn-Power (Schaumburg, IL) Laser Punch (L + P) a fabricator can use the turret punch press where it is easier or faster and the laser where it is most effective. Features include an F6 turret punch press with a 60-inch Y axis and a 100-inch X axis; a 2.5kW laser with a capacity of 8-mm stainless and cold rolled steel and 6-mm aluminum; an auto index system that precisely rotates the punch and die in their tool holders using a single AC servo-motor system; programmable clamp settings with a third clamp setting to eliminate dead zones and allow 100 percent utilization of the sheet; and programmable hydraulics, Quick Change Cutting Head and more.

PlateLaser brochure

A four-color brochure details the capabilities of the PlateLaser 6000 from W.A. Whitney (Rockford, IL). Machine specifications such as the PRC FH6000 6kW laser, the ILC-Intelligent Laser Control, direct drive linear motors and the versatile laser cutting head are explained. Sample parts cut from materials ranging from 1.25-inch-thick stainless steel and mild steel and 0.5-inch aluminum down to 10-gauge material are shown.


The Model 702 digitizer from Skalar Systems (Dayton, OH) is designed to fill a need in woodworking and solid-surface countertop shops for an efficient way to get template and pattern information into a computer file format that can be converted into a CNC program or a CAD drawing. The user picks points around a pattern by pressing a key while sighting with a laser pointer or dragging a probe around the pattern, and these points are written into a file that may be imported into most CAD and CNC programming systems. The system writes a text file of X and Y coordinates and provides a DXF file of the pattern in line or point format. The digitizer is available in sizes from 4 × 8 feet to 5 × 12 feet.

Green laser

Model 532CQ Nd:YAG laser from Quantronix (East Setauket, NY) offers more than 100 watts average power in the green wavelength. The product employs an advanced pumping chamber design to produce uniform energy distribution in the rod. According to the company, it delivers a superior laser beam with small aberrations and excellent symmetry to achieve more advanced and unique micro-machining and marking applications, especially in highly reflective material. The laser cavity design avoids tight focusing on any optical component, thus eliminating coating damage.

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