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Nd:YAG laser

Th 116984
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Model PL2210 actively mode-locked diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser from EKSMA Co. (Vilnius, Lithuania) delivers up to 2 mJ, greater than 50-ps pulses at 1 kHz repetition rate with energy stability at 1064 nm better than two percent. The mode-locking technique is all solid-state without any dye used. A master oscillator and built-in regenerative amplifier design ensure cost-effectiveness and hands-free laser operation. Optical jitter of 0.06 ns in respect to sync pulse enables reliable synchronization of the laser with other equipment.
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Welding system

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Unitek Miyachi's (Monrovia, CA) Micron Series laser welding system offers medical device manufacturers precision, control, speed, reliability and flexibility for meeting FDA quality-control and process certification standards. The CNC motion systems provide sub-micron XY positional resolution of 100nm and bi-directional repeatability of 500nm. The A Series pulsed Nd:YAG lasers produce focused spot sizes of 25 microns and incorporate pulse shaping of up to 20 programmable segments to accommodate complex weld schedules. System options include vision-directed motion and automatic laser power confirmation.
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The A700 from Meta Vision Systems (St-Laurent, Quebec) scans a high-intensity laser spot across a joint to enable seam tracking on shiny surfaces. According to the manufacturer, the sensor looks slightly ahead of the weld torch while an on-board linear camera, scanned in sync, captures a 3D cross section of the joint that the system software uses to determine its exact position before and during welding. The sensor can be used with the company's Laser Pilot MTR for robot applications and with the VistaWeld system on automated welding machines. The system can be optimized and programmed for a variety of joint profiles, depths and sizes.
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Linear motion bearings and slides

Customers in the U.S. and Canada can order all sizes of cross-roller linear bearings, recirculating units, slides, miniature guideways and a variety of accessories from Schneeberger Inc.'s (Bedford, MA) Online Shop. Access is available to the shop via the company website
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Molten metal level measurement

A brochure from LMI Selcom (Southfield, MI) describes molten metal level measurement and control equipment and high-performance sensors and actuators for use in the aluminum non-ferrous industry. Also provided is a detailed cut-a-way of the company's various components and how they can be integrated into an online system using specialized engineering and know how.
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Now available from stock, the ML-Series microlasers from Northrop Grumman Corp. (Blacksburg, VA) is a line of passively Q-switched microchip lasers that emits sub-nanosecond, high peak-power pulses from an industry standard 8-pin TO-3 package. Applications for these devices include seed pulse for amplifier laser systems, marking, fluorescence, medical laser systems or any application where high peak power laser radiation is needed from a small form factor package.
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The IVP Ranger M50 camera from IVP Integrated Vision Products (Woodinville, WA) measures three-dimensional ..shapes. The equipment can be used for test measurements, reading up to 10,000 three-dimensional profiles per second. The camera is based on the company's new image sensor with 1536 × 512 pixels. The system comprises a regular linear laser and a camera. The third dimension is calculated with the aid of triangulation.
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Laser cables

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High Power Laser Cables from CeramOptec (East Longmeadow, MA) exhibit performance up to 5 kW and transmission from 350 to 2500 nm. Compatible with all laser systems, the laser cables are available with fiber core diameters from 300 to 600 µm for stock sizes, though others are available upon request. According to the company, the laser cables are protected against bucking at both ends of the fiber and they feature laser beam protection (LBP) to protect the fiber from laser illumination. With FOP-D, FOP-N and other connectors available, the laser cables feature tight bend radii as small as 250 mm. Additional options include fiber-break detection using an integrated FiberSideLine system that automatically discontinues laser delivery if a break in the fiber is detected.
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Servo motor

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New from Galil Motion Control (Rocklin, CA), the BLM-N23-50-1000 brushless servo ..motor features a 1000-pulses-per-revolution incremental encoder and provides for a high torque-to-inertia ratio. According to the company, the product provides for smooth, low-speed performance with low cogging. This allows for highly accurate motion profiling at all speeds. Additionally, the servo motor features 46 oz-in of continuous torque, 286 oz-in of peak torque and a 5500-rpm maximum speed at 48 volts. A torque constant of 11.4 oz-in/amp produces 46 oz-in of continuous torque at 4 amps. Its mounted 1000 line differential quadrature encoder has differential hall sensors and shielded cable to ensure noise immunity.
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