LIA presents Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Scheduled for March 3-4 in San Antonio, TX, the workshop will highlight laser cladding, laser sintering, and rapid manufacturing

The Laser Institute of America's Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM) is schedule for March 3-4 in San Antonio, TX. The workshop will bring together laser end users, academic researchers, universities, government researchers, national labs, and several industry specialists from around the world with the goal of advancing this state-of-the-art process to effectively and affordably meet the needs of today's manufacturing challenges. The results of this workshop are expected to have a significant impact on the widespread industrial implementation of the laser additive manufacturing process, which includes cladding, sintering, and rapid manufacturing.

Conference co-chairs are Paul Denny of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) and Dr. James W. Sears of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Featured workshop topics include rapid prototyping of functional parts; production of low-volume, high-value components; tailored surfaces (anti-wear, anti-corrosion) for new and used parts; and repair/refurbishment (cladding) for re-manufactured parts.

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