Strategic partnership advances laser sintering

EOS/ALM partnership advances development of plastic materials for rapid manufacturing

EOS, a manufacturer of laser sintering systems, and Advanced Laser Materials, LLC (ALM), a developer and manufacturer of materials for rapid manufacturing processes, announced a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, EOS will act as a majority shareholder obtaining 51 percent of the ALM shares. The collaboration benefits both partners: Combining the knowledge of the two companies will further advance the development of plastic materials for rapid manufacturing via laser sintering, the key technology for e-Manufacturing.

For example, ALM recently introduced the new fire-retardant polyamide, FR-106, an engineered material for use in the laser sintering process. As a major breakthrough in rapid manufacturing, FR-106 is a particularly applicable material for the aerospace industry, which EOS counts among their key target industries. ALM now has a very strong partner in EOS that will open up new markets for them in Europe. ALM also benefits from the patent portfolio EOS offers. EOS, on the other hand, will secure and extend closer collaboration with their customers through this partnership, particularly in the US market.

Johann Oberhofer, Chief Operating Officer at EOS emphasizes: "With ALM we found a partner which is a perfect fit for us. The collaborative work of both research facilities will result in acceleration of materials development that will be felt worldwide in the e-manufacturing industry. We welcome ALM as an affiliate to the EOS family and are very confident that both companies can jointly use the synergies created from this cooperation to advance the industry as a whole."

Bruce C. Thornton, Chairman of ALM, LLC adds: "The strategic partnership of ALM with EOS makes another large step forward in the transition of laser sintering from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing of functional parts. The new generation of EOS laser sintering machines is being designed for manufacturing, and the development of materials for the manufacturing of functional parts is the primary focus of the ALM-EOS joint effort."

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