Güdel, cleanLASER to build gantry automation systems with lasers

Güdel and cleanLASER will build gantry-based automation systems incorporating laser technology for aerospace applications including composite-mold cleaning and surface ablation.

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Dornkaulstr, Germany, and Langenthal, Switzerland -- Güdel and cleanLASER have agreed on a global cooperation to build flexible and accurate gantry-based automation systems incorporating laser technology.

"Requests from the aviation industry gave us the idea of jointly developing gantry systems," stated Edwin Büchter, managing director and president of cleanLASER. The collaboration might also pursue other applications, such as in wind energy, he added.

Target applications include cleaning molds and die for producing carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP), surface ablation and preparation for adhesive bonding of aircraft components, and even paint removal. Repeatability of "significantly less than 1mm" is achievable even on large components such as wing skins, without risk of damage to the part itself.

A global "center of excellence" will be based at Güdel's facility in Coventry, UK, initially to build a demo system where potential customers can test applications under real conditions.

(Images via Güdel)

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