EOS leads world market for laser sintering systems

EOS is looking back at yet another successful business year.

EOS (Munich, Germany and Novi, MI) is looking back at yet another successful business year. In fiscal 2006/2007, the company increased sales by 14 percent, achieving a worldwide turnover of €59.7 million ($88 million) and registering nearly 50 new customers.

Moreover, the company's order books for 2008 are filling rapidly. "We have successfully met the challenge of globalized competition," says Peter Klink, the company's executive vice president. "Our export rate adds up to more than 70 percent, which corresponds to approximately 42 million EUR." An extremely strong sales driver in the last business year has been Central Europe, where EOS exceeded sales expectations by almost 30 percent. This region includes, among others, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where collectively almost a third of all EOS laser sintering systems are installed.

In the last business year, EOS showed particular strength in the tooling, dental, and medical industries. Other important markets include aerospace applications and consumer goods such as designer lamps and interior furniture.

The company's staff has risen to 250 worldwide. As a result of the company's strong growth, it anticipates additional job openings, particularly in technical management and R&D. The high-tech company has already expanded its German headquarters, where 80 percent of its staff is based, by more than 10,000 square feet. Abroad, the highest staff growth is taking place in the U.S.

The consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners has recently welcomed EOS to the roster of the so-called "Hidden Champions," notes Dr. Christof Stotko, EOS global marketing manager. "Hidden Champions are considered to be hidden market leaders," he explains. "They distinguish themselves through high growth, innovative power and globalization, which is why we are very pleased to be included in the top of the list. We are experiencing double-digit sales growth in the current business year, and we invest almost a fifth of our turnover into R&D activities. This will help us evolve from hidden champion to a visible champion in the future."

Such positive results from EOS are supported by the company's recently published survey about the future prospects of e-Manufacturing. In the opinion of respondents, individualized mass production ("mass customization") is gaining increasing importance in the Western world—creating ideal circumstances for EOS' continued market leadership and success in 2008 and beyond.

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