3D Systems announces SLS materials collaboration

3D Systems and TRIAL Corp. to jointly develop specialty materials and composites for selective laser sintering (SLS) technology.

3D Systems (Rock Hill, SC) has announced a joint development arrangement with TRIAL Corp. (Kanagawa, Japan) to develop specialty materials and composites for selective laser sintering (SLS) technology.

TRIAL, a materials developer and manufacturer, specializes in creating high-performance materials and composites using its proprietary manufacturing process for specialty applications, including those in the biomedical, electronics, and engineering industries. 3D Systems plans to collaborate with TRIAL to develop specialty materials and composites for its SLS technology, addressing the increasing specialty needs of the rapid manufacturing industry. 3D Systems plans to distribute the products that are developed exclusively worldwide.

"With this important development arrangement with 3D Systems, we are expanding our specialty material offerings to the world and we are close to being ready for further investing in our production facility," says Mr. Kotaka, TRIAL's representative director.

Mr. Sugano. TRIAL's chief technology officer, adds, "We are confident that our experience with creating specialty materials will yield positive results for 3D Systems' laser sintering applications. We are excited to work with 3D Systems."

"We expect that our collaboration with TRIAL, a leading Japanese materials developer, will enable us to bring more cutting-edge sintering materials to the marketplace," says Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer. "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with TRIAL and Mr. Kotaka in this innovative project."

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