Rapid manufacturing conference set for September in Italy

The second annual RM Forum on laser additive manufacturing and rapid manufacturing is scheduled for September 19 and 20, 2013, in Milan, Italy.

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Milan, Italy - The second annual RM Forum rapid manufacturing event/seminar organized by Eris Program and Eris Eventi will be held on Sept. 19 and 20 here at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel. The theme of the conference is the "Industrialization of the Additive Manufacturing Process and Lamination of Composite Materials" occurring in many industrial sectors with the consequent increase in production volumes.

This evolution of additive manufacturing technology is pushing companies to change from pseudo-artisanal reality to industrial production processes, where these technologies must be increasingly automated.

The RF Forum event is targeted to technical directors (e.g., of companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, technical components, transportation, medical, sporting goods, and home appliances), designers, design and engineering studios, business managers of these services, moldmakers, and business owners and managers of subcontracting production companies of durable consumer goods that are interested in introducing these technologies into their organizations.

The event is divided into seminars and an exhibition area. The seminar will present reports submitted by universities and research centers, by supply chain technicians, and by managers of major companies that have introduced these technologies into their production processes.

The topics will address state-of-the-art rapid manufacturing, laser additive technology projects and raw materials, composite materials projects and raw materials, laser additive manufacturing production software, certificate information, cost analysis, the experiences of service companies that provide RM services, and the experiences of large companies that have introduced these technologies into their production lines.

The Exhibition Area will hold various companies from the following sectors, among others: design tools (software, scanners, etc.), additive technologies (e.g., sintering, stereolithography, Polyjet, FDM, EBM), materials for additive technologies (e.g., plastic resins and metal powders), technologies and raw materials for composites (reinforcements, fillers and resins), technology accessories.

For more information on registration or exhibition, go to www.eriseventi.com.

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