CCAT named center of excellence for additive manufacturing services

Optomec has chosen CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center for its expertise and R&D work on the company's 3D printers used for the manufacture and repair of metal components.

East Hartford, CT - Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)'s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) has been named a Center of Excellence for additive manufacturing services by Optomec Inc., a manufacturer of laser-based 3D printers for metals.

As an official Center of Excellence, CCAT’s AMC offers unique expertise, research and development work in the use of Optomec’s proprietary LENS 3D printers used for the manufacture, repair, rework and coating of metal components. CCAT bought an Optomec 3D printer in June 2012.

"We are honored to be named as a Center of Excellence by Optomec, a recognized leader in the field of additive manufacturing systems," said Elliot Ginsberg, president and CEO, CCAT. "We look forward to partnering with Optomec to provide state-of-the-art laser additive manufacturing support to manufacturers and government agencies regionally and nationally."

CCAT's AMC serves as a national resource for laser processing, additive manufacturing, precision machining and digital manufacturing, and provides services that include 5-axis machining, non-contact inspection and machining optimization. To ensure that CCAT is the go-to resource and best practices partner for manufacturers, equipment in the AMC is frequently updated to offer customers the latest in advanced manufacturing technology.

"We are proud to name CCAT as a Center of Excellence for LENS services," said Dr. Richard Grylls, LENS general manager, Optomec. "As a company known for innovation in the development of advanced manufacturing systems, we recognize CCAT’s research and manufacturing technology expertise. We are confident in their ability to use LENS 3D Printing systems to provide outstanding service to the full range of customers they serve, from small Connecticut manufacturers to federal agencies nationwide."

According to Dr. Grylls, the LENS 850 R system at the AMC uses a high-power laser to fuse powdered metals into fully dense 3D structures. The LENS 3D Printer uses the data contained in a computer-aided design (CAD) solid model to automatically drive the LENS process as it builds up a component layer by layer.

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. is a non-profit, economic development organization that leads and partners with industry, academia and government statewide and across the nation to help organizations succeed in today’s global market.

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