Solid Concepts looks back at 22 years of custom manufacturing

This California company powers more than 165 additive manufacturing and other machines, has won numerous awards, and lays claim to expert staff with relevant patents.

Valencia, CA - Solid Concepts was founded in 1991 and began with two stereolithography (SLA) machines. The company quickly added on CNC machining. Its custom manufacturing solutions for product development and production for aerospace, medical, industrial, design, business, and consumer industries, have been going strong ever since then.

Twenty-two years later, Solid Concepts provides SLA, polyjet, 3D color prints, QuickCast investment casting patterns, selective and direct metal laser sintering (SLS, DMLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), CNC machining, cast urethanes, injection molding & tooling, and professional finishing.

Solid Concepts powers over 165 additive manufacturing machines, cast urethane systems, tooling and injection molding systems, and auto-rated paint booths for professional painting and finishing. Many of the company's employees carry patents for industrial design, software, and additive manufacturing advancements. The company has consistently received awards for meeting the highest quality standards, products, services, and on-time deliveries.

Solid Concepts has been a dedicated service provider to a wide range of industries and has been known for expert staff and technical innovation since its inception. Adding together all the specialized staff at Solid Concepts, which has 3D laser-printed Inconel parts for aerospace applications, amounts to more than 400 years of aerospace, medical, dental, anatomical, industrial design, architectural, and business consumer knowledge.

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