New laser cladding technology centers in Canada

Technogenia, a specialist manufacturer of resistant anti-wear coatings based on tungsten carbide, is opening two hardfacing centers that feature Lasercarb laser cladding technology.

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Saint-Jorioz, France - Technogenia, a specialist manufacturer of highly resistant anti-wear coatings based on tungsten carbide, is opening two new Lasercarb hardfacing centers in Canada. The centers feature the firm's Lasercarb laser cladding technology, according to a release.

Technogenia opened its new Lasercarb center in Edmonton, Alberta, in June 2013. Named Technogenia Western Canada, the center is a joint venture with an individual Canadian partner and has been opened to meet demand for Technogenia's products from the oil and gas sector in western Canada, which is largely being driven by the oil sands in the Northwest of the country.

The second Lasercarb center in Canada will be opened by the end of 2013, in Guelph, near Toronto, Ontario. This center will be called Technogenia Lasercarb Canada, and will be a subsidiary of Technogenia. While this center will also meet the demand from the oil and gas sector, it will be designed primarily to serve customers in the mining sector, as well as agriculture businesses and power stations.

These two new hardfacing centers are opening with one Lasercarb machine each and are likely to install additional machines over the coming years. The two centers will significantly extend Technogenia's presence in North America. The company already has eight Lasercarb machines installed at its centers in the US, with five machines at Technogenia's subsidiary in Houston, TX, which was opened in 2007, and three at its subsidiary in OK, which was opened in 2010. The main market for the US Lasercarb centers is the oil and gas sector.

In addition, there are three Lasercarb machines at Technogenia's UK Lasercarb center, which is based at Technogenia's UK partner Laser Cladding Technology, near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, opened in 2003. Technogenia's first Lasercarb center was opened at Technogenia's headquarters in Saint-Jorioz, in southeastern France in 1993. It has one machine, with a second likely to be added soon.

Technogenia is planning on opening more Lasercarb hardfacing centers in the US, as well as in Asia, the Middle East and Russia, as demand grows across the world for its products. HerveMaybon, Sales and Strategy Manager at Technogenia, said: "The main idea behind the Lasercarb centers is to be close to our customers, and provide them with a local service."

Photo courtesy of Technogenia.

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