Powerlase Photonics ships in line laser annealing system

The UK company has made its first commercial shipment of a 1.6 kW laser system to Germany.

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Crawley, West Sussex, UK - Powerlase Photonics Ltd, a high-power laser company focused on powerful nanosecond Q-switched diode pumped solid state lasers, has announced its first commercial shipment of the Procyon g1600, a 1.6 kW green laser system, to Germany.

Developed for industrial applications primarily for green laser annealing, the Procyon g1600, for the first time, will enable in-line annealing over a 750 mm long line beam.

Procyon is a scalable high-power laser platform consisting of multiple, synchronized laser modules optimized for ultra-high stability and reliability. The Procyon g1600 system incorporates eight 200 W green lasers with a centralized control interface for simple operation and easy integration. A high power stabilized green laser modular design and long-life pump diodes work in a 24/7 production environment.

Powerlase Photonics Ltd has accelerated the introduction of high power lasers into a variety of industrial applications worldwide, primarily in materials processing, marking, annealing, and cleaning, as well as other applications.

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