Laser peening finds place in manufacturing operations

LSP Technologies is offering a line of high-pulse-rate, high-power laser systems ranging from 20 W to >400 W for aerospace and other industries.

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Dublin, OH - LSP Technologies, a company that sells, installs, and integrates laser peening equipment into the facilities of its customers, is offering a line of high-pulse-rate, high power laser systems ranging from 20 W to more than 400 W.

LSP Technologies has experience designing, fabricating, installing, and using laser peening equipment that goes back into the 1980s when this same team built the world's first system at Battelle Columbus Labs. During the next year, the company will be installing reportedly the highest power equipment in the world at its facility in Dublin. This equipment will be used to increase production capacity and to create an equipment showcase for customers to witness the system in operation.

Laser peening significantly improves fatigue resistance and fatigue strength, increasing the service life of parts by 2 to 20 times. This process has saved OEMs and their customers tens of millions of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs, and it also delivers a competitive advantage to manufacturers and end users. Industries benefiting from laser peening as a value-adding process include: power generation (gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, wind power engines); transportation (aircraft, ship, train, engine components); medical (replacement joints, implants, and surgical utensils); and manufacturing (tooling, presses, rolls, mills).

LSP Technologies specializes in the application of high power lasers to improve the endurance, performance, and safety of manufactured components across a broad array of market sectors, including aerospace. LSP Technologies helped GE Aviation establish an in-house laser peening capability in the 1990s, and then worked with the US Air Force to establish it as an independent supplier for the rest of industry. The company has laser peened tens of thousands of components for OEMs in the aerospace and power generation industries.


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