ES Technology wins 289K GBP contract for laser melting powder bed machines

University of Birmingham, UK, has awarded the contract for the laser melting powder bed and associated accessories.

Birmingham, UK - ES Technology, Northants, won a 289,440 GBP (US$465,929) (initial estimated total value excluding VAT) contract award from University of Birmingham for a laser melting powder bed machine and associated accessories (Contract Award Notice No.: 2013/S 222-386353).

According to the description:

Scope of definition: "This definition outlines the requirements for Laser Melting Powder Bed Machine and associated accessories, including inert gas filtration, in the Net Shape area of the proposer. The machine condition can be new, refurbished, or used, provided that it meets the equipment specifications as outlined below. The supplier shall respond to each numbered paragraph of this specification, describing in detail the method of compliance or otherwise."

Scope of work:
"The supplier shall provide a complete package, including necessary design, manufacture, supply and documentation. The supplier shall be responsible for all equipment and services supplied, including sub-contract purchases. The supplier shall highlight and discuss with the proposer all exclusions and limitations. Failure to do so shall result in any additional cost being borne by the supplier. The proposer must agree any exclusions or limitations in writing."

ES Technology has extensive experience in laser marking systems and offers a subcontract laser marking jobshop. As well as laser markers, the company is able to offer laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser micro-hardening systems.

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