Beam shaping module for laser annealing acceleration

LIMO has developed a beam shaping module for its L3 line laser system.

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Dortmund, Germany - LIMO has developed a beam shaping module for its L3 LIMO line laser system, which accelerates the laser annealing processes significantly. Nine fiber-coupled laser modules produce — thanks to the patented beam shaping — a homogeneous, very intense line.

"It must be a linear source which scans over the surface and thus enables a uniform and continuous processing of the irradiated areas," said Dirk Hauschild, Director Thin-film Activation of LIMO, who learned this from material specialists from around the world on the question of the ideal energy source for the uniform planar heating of thin films.

On the basis of this information, the L3 LIMO line laser systems have been developed — as an alternative to typical punctual working lasers — e.g., existing of nine fiber-coupled laser modules. In combination with a LIMO beam shaping module, they produce a homogeneous line (80 mm x 0.2 mm, inhomogeneity <2.5%) with a very high intensity (10kW/cm2). The laser beam can directly irradiate the object or be displayed onto the target plane via a projection lens.

Thanks to intensive and uniform irradiation, the L3 LIMO line laser system, specially developed for continuous use, is qualified for many industries: from the automotive, electronics, coating industry and the manufacturing of energy storage units to photovoltaic and display technology. The patented LIMO beam shaping guarantees a continuous 24/7 use. The laser beam and the relevant process parameters are stabilized even in the case of failure of individual laser sources.

The system may be considered for:

  • Short-term tempering: modifying surfaces and coatings through extremely fast heating
  • Selective tempering: selective heating of certain surface materials
  • Rapid thermal annealing: annealing of crystal defects within milliseconds
  • Laser-induced thermal printing (LITI)
  • Rapid thermal processing: produce a new material or new material characteristics from two deposited materials Drying, cross-linking of paints and polymers
  • Integration within in-line and scan or repeat processes possible

The system is a good example for manufacturers of flat panel displays, whic, thanks to the targeted inline laser annealing, makes a variety of chemical processes superfluous and so simplifies production significantly.

Learn more about the L3 LIMO Line Laser systems by visiting LIMO at LASER World of PHOTONICS, Munich, Germany, May 13-16, 2013 — Hall B1/Booth #315.

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