Laser System for Precision, Automated Cutting of Metals and Hard Materials

1572445437 Cohr Aritcle3 Photo Exact Cut

ExactCut is a laser-based, automated micromachining system that combines high precision mechanics and an easy-to-use software interface to enable precision cutting of metals, such as titanium, copper, brass, gold, silver, as well as hard, brittle materials like ceramics, sapphire and PCD.  ExactCut is particularly adept at cutting complex geometries with excellent edge quality that eliminates the need for most post-processing.  

Every aspect of ExactCut is designed to enhance productivity.  It comes pre-installed with cutting parameters for many materials to reduce integration and qualification time.  System software allows the user to input a part drawing and rapidly generate all the required CNC control code.  This is particularly valuable in environments that require rapid changeovers for prototype or short production runs.

ExactCut also readily supports high-volume manufacturing by offering optional interfaces for other production equipment, such as conveyor belts, rotary and linear stages, and part-handling robotics. In addition, the software can interface with manufacturing execution systems and other factory programs.

Every aspect of ExactCut is designed to deliver consistent, high-precision cutting.  It is constructed on a highly stable granite base, and can be configured with motion control in up to five axes.  The result is a positioning accuracy of ±0.002 mm and repeatability of ±0.001 mm.  This allows the output of the integrated pulsed fiber laser, which can be finely focused, to be moved rapidly enough over the part surface to minimize the heat affected zone. 

Together, these features make ExactCut particularly well-suited for precision manufacturing of small parts in prototype labs, job shops, and volume production.  Find out more at