UV Laser Sub-System Enables High Throughput Plastics Marking

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PowerLine E 8 QT combines modular, high performance scan optics and a sophisticated software interface to deliver significant operational flexibility. This allows straightforward implementation of complex tasks such as 3D marking on curved surfaces, on-the-fly marking, engraving and serialization. The ability to rapidly produce a high-contrast mark on a wide variety of clear and colored plastics makes the PowerLine E 8 QT an attractive choice for system builders supporting microelectronics, medical products, automotive, packaging, and appliance production. 

The PowerLine E 8 QT is a compact, air-cooled, Class IV sub-system which is designed for easy integration, operational reliability and rapid field service. In addition to the laser and scan optics, it also incorporates an integrated power sensor, mechanical safety shutter, and visible positioning laser. The system components are contained in a sealed enclosure which utilizes filtered, recirculated air to minimize external contamination. When service is required, various system components, such as the power sensor, purification unit, humidity sensors and scan optics, can be exchanged in the field, without exposing other system components to contamination. This eliminates the need to return the unit to the factory for almost all service tasks. To further assist systems integrators, Coherent can supply extensive applications support for pre-sale proof-of-principle testing, as well as process recipe development. Once in service, all system parameters can be easily tailored for specific tasks.