The Industrial Laser Solutions Business Solutions team is an experienced group who always seek to do more than just sell our customers another ad. Our customers return again, and again, because we have the experience to help solve your marketing challenges. Industrial Laser Solutions is more than a magazine. Content is distributed through the website, webcasts, eNewsletters, digital editions, videos, and the Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar. Our multi-channel marketing options are specifically designed to reinforce your message to qualified decision-makers throughout the buying process. Contact our Business Solutions team to discus how we can help you create a winning marketing mix for today and the future.

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PennTarget - Targeted List Rentals

Offering quick response at a low cost, PennTarget allows you to reach a specific audience with custom messaging based on their interaction with the initial email promotion. Your message is sent to industry professionals selected from our database and can be used for a nearly unlimited variety of promotional programs.

PennTarget is like having your own personal marketing automation program with access to all of the PennWell industry specific lists. Don't just send to a list once, analyze the results, and take action based upon recipient behaviors. Download the fact sheet or contact your Business Solutions Manager to learn more.

Targeted Online Advertising

EXCLUSIVE Targeted Banner Advertising at its Best

Drive targeted traffic to your site and qualified leads into your pipeline with this exciting new opportunity.

Increase visibility and awareness of your brand/solutions with your target audience when they are in active "read and research" mode.

  • Unique opportunity to brand yourselves around relevant editorial content that it being viewed every day by your target audience.
  • As member's research specific topic based information, they will come across your banners and content assets.
  • Your media assets and marketing message will be directly adjacent to editorial content focused on issues associated with your offerings.

Contact your local sales rep for more information.

Targeted eNewsletter Sponsorships

EXCLUSIVE Topic Based "Push Marketing" to Relevant Audiences

Each month, we deploy targeted newsletters specifically geared to the optoelectronics industry's hottest technologies and applications. What's more, each newsletter is sent to a target audience who have indicated they're interested in particular topic categories. Your advertising message will reach only those optoelectronics and photonics professionals who want more information on YOUR specific products and services - target marketing at its very best!

The exclusive topic based sponsorship is unlike any other, offering unique ad positions to improve overall performance of your advertising messages.

Contact your local sales rep for more information or check out our topic-based newsletters.

Editorial Digest

Aligning your Brand Around Editorial Content to Generate Leads

Sponsorship of a Digest offers vendors a unique lead generation vehicle while aligning their brand around original editorial content from Industrial Laser Solutions.

The EXCLUSIVE single sponsor of each Digest topic will be able to align their brand around highly desired editorial content, while generating leads from a targeted audience of users who download the PDF version.

Contact your local sales rep for more information.

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