Picosecond laser for micromachining

The HYPER RAPID ps-laser from Lumera Laser offers 50W average power at pulse repetition rates of up to 1MHz.

The HYPER RAPID ps-laser from Lumera Laser (Kaiserslautern, Germany) offers 50W average power at pulse repetition rates of up to 1MHz. More than 20mm3/min of material can be abated, without thermal side effects like burr, recast and micro-cracks. That means the ability to groove into material 20µm wide, 4µm deep and cut with 5m/s. The total cost of ownership can be in the range of 0.2€/min.

Such ps-lasers are universal tools: One and the same ps-laser will process virtually any material; its wavelength does not need to mach absorption lines of the material. They come with industrial reliability and are easy to integrate into complex systems.
They can compete very successfully with EDM, mechanical drilling or sawing, chemical etching etc.

A ps-laser beam can be focussed to a few µm diameter, and each controllable single ps-pulse will remove gently only about a 10-100nm-layer of material. Overlapping up to 1mio pulses per sec generates the specific structures: Opening up to 0.6 mio holes/s in SiO2 or SiNx layers of solar cells; drilling in a few sec injection nozzles mm deep, or ink jet nozzles, 3D-engraving micro-molds in steel; drilling sapphire, cutting CBN or PCD tools, or Si wafers, or ultra-thin glass sheets, structuring surfaces for friction reduction or better implants, stents; making glass internally for safe product ID without altering functions, marking diamonds by just removing nm-layers on the surface and much more.

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