Laser Operations appoints CEO, manufacturing exec

Laser Operations marketing exec Vittorio Fossati-Bellani is promoted to CEO, and shares a history with the company's new manufacturing director, Robert Miller.

Sylmar, CA -- Laser Operations, a maker of diode lasers and diode-pumped laser products, has appointed Vittorio Fossati-Bellani as its new CEO, after serving as company's chief marketing officer since the beginning of this year.

Fossati-Bellani previously spent 27 years at Coherent, holding positions including president of its semiconductor group and chief marketing officer. Since 2006 he held various executive positions at DILAS and Pytophotonics, and managed his own consulting business for lasers and photonics.

The company also has hired Robert Miller as senior director of manufacturing. He previously held similar positions at Melles-Griot, Advanced Bionics, and Coherent. His tenure at Coherent overlapped with Fossati-Bellani, who calls him "a team player, a problem solver and a motivator."

Laser Operations makes the high-powered QPC Lasers product line, having acquired Quintessence Photonics Corp., the operating subsidiary of QPC Lasers, in June 2009. (It has no affiliation with separate company QPC Lasers Inc.)

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