VCSEL diodes for solid-state lasers

Lasertel's new vertical cavity surface emitter laser (VCSEL) diodes offer an alternative to edge-emitter laser diodes for pumping solid-state lasers.

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Lasertel, a maker of high-power semiconductor laser components, has released new series of vertical cavity surface emitter laser (VCSEL) diodes, for pumping solid-state lasers.

The devices produce 1kW power with a 1 cm2 emission area at 808 nm, in an integrated package with passive cooling. A proprietary packaging methodology enables operation in extreme environments including very high temperatures. The company claims "a great deal of flexibility" for customizing the device form factor and wavelengths.

VCSELs are typically used for data and telecom operations, with power limitations preventing their use in applications such as laser pumping, but the company points out advantages over edge-emitter laser diodes: round beam profiles, low divergence, narrow spectral widths, very long lifetimes, and lower costs.

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