Parallel robotic positioning system for laser machining

Physik Instrumente's new Hexapod devices offer submicron/nanometer-precise motion control in 6D space, for laser machining applications.

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Physik Instrumente LP (PI), Auburn, MA, has released a new family of Hexapod motion controllers for submicron/nanometer-precise motion patterns in 6D space. Applications include laser machining, telecommunications (alignment of fibers and fiber-optic chips), and semiconductor test/metrology (positioning/alignment substrates, lasers), among others.

The new real-time 6D controllers -- evolved from their origins in automotive tire testing -- provide vectorized motion output and position command input based on Cartesian coordinates. A random, virtual pivot point can be defined freely anywhere in the working space. Data recorder functionality is provided for recording operating parameters such as motor control, velocity, position, or position error.

Th C-887.11 controller is a 19" rack-mount unit with two additional channels for the control of two more motion axes (such as linear positioners, rotation stages) and can be upgraded with a number of options such as manual control and photometer cards. A more compact bench-top version (C-887.21) of the controller provides the same performance.

The new dedicated 6D vector controllers are bundled with software for programming and simulation of complex movements. Ethernet connectivity for remote servicing and remote control with an iPad app are standard.

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