German researchers extending laser microcladding work with new funding

Work on laser cladding for microstructures at the Laserinstitut of the University of Mittweida will continue thanks to new €1M government funding.

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Mittweida, Germany -- Researchers at the Laserinstitut of the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida have secured more funding for a project exploring the application of laser cladding for microstructures.

The three-year, €1.1M funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will continue a project entitled "Rapid microtooling with laser-based methods." An earlier phase of their project (2006-2010) worked on laser micro sintering, microcladding, and 3D cutting and material removal with femtosecond and fiber lasers. (Here's a PDF describing that work, circa 2008.) The group is led by the Institute's R. Ebert and H. Exner, with participation from local laser systems builder Laservorm, enameling shop K¨hn Email, and ProCon.

Applications for the technology are seen in various fields, for improving turbine blades and wings in aerospace to surface optimization in printing and food industries.

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