JDSU introduces technology for laser micromachining and macromaterials processing

JDSU releases a portfolio of micromachining lasers, kilowatt fiber lasers for macro-materials processing, and diode lasers at SPIE Photonics West 2014.

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Milpitas, CA - JDSU is displaying at SPIE Photonics West at booth #1313 its expanded Q-series platform with higher UV power for micromachining, its new Corelight series of kilowatt fiber laser engines for macro-materials processing, and its ST series of 140 W diode lasers for multikilowatt fiber laser pumps.

The JDSU Q-Series lasers (photo) are high-power UV Q-switched diode pumped solid-state lasers for a wide variety of high-precision, micromachining applications required for the manufacturing of silicon wafers and printed circuit boards. The new platform provides the same process advantages delivered by the previous Q-series for pulse characteristics, while providing higher average power (up to 22 W) to enable higher overall throughput. This performance boost is coupled with pulse repetition rates from 40 to 120 kHz and beyond. It also has flexibility to process a wide range of materials enabled by a large selection of pulse energies, pulse widths, and repetition rates.

JDSU is also introducing its new Corelight series of high-power fiber laser engines that provide 2.1 and 4.2 kW of output power. The laser engines offer easy integration into new and existing manufacturing tools and use customer’s existing power and control systems for cost efficiency. The engines are based upon highly efficient and compact 2.1 kW modules and enable high speed cutting, welding, material deposition, and other macro-materials processing applications. They are useful for high-speed processing for a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, and copper up to and beyond 1 inch of thickness.

The ST Series offers a bright fiber-coupled diode laser with 140 W of output power within a 106.5 micron core to accelerate the adoption of fiber lasers by machine toolmakers for high speed metal cutting and shaping manufacturing processes. It is compact and highly integrated and reduces the number of components needed to produce a kilowatt-class fiber laser

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