1572 nm DPSS laser

RPMC has announced the release of the compact SOL 5 W 1572 nm laser from Bright Solutions.

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O'Fallon, MO - RPMC has announced the release of the SOL 5W 1572 nm laser from Bright Solutions, Cura Carpignano, Pavia, Italy. This new extremely compact laser (11.06 in. x 4.13 in. x 3.77 in.) laser is capable of producing up to 5 W of average power (25 kW of peak power) at 1572 nm with pulse widths from 10 to 20 ns, rep rates from 10 to 50kHz, and an M2 <2.5.

These air-cooled DPSS lasers are offered in a rugged, lightweight, single enclosure that is designed to allow easy and reliable integration into end user systems. Due to this compact single box design, optical fibers and other sensitive cable connections are not necessary for system integration.

Compactness, insensitivity to environmental conditions and ease of handling provide superior operation, flexibility, and performance/cost ratio. The high peak power and good beam quality make them useful for the most demanding industrial and scientific applications.

This new laser is good for many applications including, but not limited to: plastics and metals laser marking and machining, LIDAR and range finding, nonlinear optics, and many other applications where eye-safe wavelengths are beneficial.


Upper Photo: SOL laser module.

Lower Photo: Thin film ablation of crystalline silicon.

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