MONA publishes European roadmap for photonics and nanotechnologies

The roadmap identifies potential synergies between photonics/nanophotonics and nanomaterials/nanotechnologies.

The MONA (Merging Optics & Nanotechnologies) project announces the publication of the European Roadmap for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, which can be obtained in electronic format on the MONA website at no charge. The MONA project has been funded by the European Commission within its 6th Framework Programme.

Photonics and nanotechnologies are highly multi-disciplinary fields and two of the principle enabling technologies for the 21st century. They are key technology drivers for industry sectros such as manufacturing, information technologies, communication, biotechnologies, and transport. Photonics/nanophotonics and nanomaterials/nanotechnologies can benefit from each other in terms of new functions, materials, fabrication processes, and applications.

There are three principal objectives for the MONA Roadmap: 1. Create a consensus viewpoint on the development of research, technologies, and innovation in thet areas of photonics and nanotechnologies; 2. Promote the timely worldwide exchange on scientific results, market development perspectives, and technology trends related to photonics and nanotechnologies; and 3. Contribute to the intelligent deployment of resources at the regional, national, and European levels for the development of photonics and nanotechnologies.

A major component of the MONA Roadmap is the identification of the highest priority economic growth areas, taking into account market size, market growth, and the positioning of European industry and research in these areas.

Highlights include the following: nanophotonics benefits for nine key applications, nanomaterials challenges and impact, the most important nanophotonic devices, recommendations for European science and industry, custom-made roadmapping methodology, 10-year roadmap for 12 key nanomaterials, 10-year roadmap for 9 key types of equipment and processes, and 10-year roadmap on 9 key applications and related materials.

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