AILU hosts workshop on laser processing of polymer, metal, and ceramic composites

The December 3rd workshop provides an overview of the status of both laser technology and composite types

Scheduled for December 3rd in Rotherham, UK, the AILU workshop Laser Processing of Polymer, Metal, and Ceramic Composites provides a broad overview of the current status of both laser technology and composite types , with presentations from industrial users, researchers, and laser manufacturers.

J. P. Sercel Associates Inc. (JPSA; Manchester, NH) has added the IX-100-C to its line of high-precision laser micromachining workstations, and UV laser processing technology. The IX-100-C is ideal for R&D labs and universities searching for an affordable and flexible system in a compact footprint. The IX-100-C is extremely versatile; allowing for the widest range of wavelengths and laser types to be used in cutting edge micromachining applications requiring the highest quality results.

A wide variety of accessories and options enable the system to be used with wavelengths from 157nm through 1064nm. Galvanometer technology permits f-theta lens from 100mm to 254mm focal length to be used with fields of view up to 170mm x 170mm. The moving mirrors of the galvanometer provide rapid scanning over a large area with reasonable accuracy. The system also includes fixed beam delivery optics for applications that demand the highest precision. The system also utilizes JPSA's high accuracy motion control equipment including XY stages up to 200mm x 200mm and high precision Z-Theta stage technology. A variety of vacuum chuck designs are offered for general purpose and specialty configurations.

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